Anna and ann 220170403 32634 k6r1xo
Anna loves her Ann!
Ann and pat20170403 32318 1a8x4z3
They just love dancing with the stars!
Ann and pat 220170403 32318 8aton2
Making sure it looks good!
Ann20170403 32318 1ponp79
Ann pays attention to every detail!
Ann and apt 320170403 32716 56b6z0
The girls decorating the ginger bread house!
Donna 220170403 32318 1od3m2b
Donna all dolled up for our Christmas party!
Donna and tramp20170403 32318 1s71tbe
Donna enjoying time with Tramp!
Louise20170403 23687 1erzvqv
Happy B-day Louise!
Pat and donna20170403 23023 vfw0i6
Pat and Donna
Donna20170403 23687 183z2yu
Donna enjoying St. Patty's Day!!